University of Virginia IV
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UVa Panorama B&Law Sch Chapel&Hosp Gardens

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Rotunda, UVa.(U321)
Rotunda, UVa.(U122)
West Lawn, UVa.(U280)
Rotunda, UVa.(U201)
Rotunda, UVa.(U309)
Garden Gate P4, UVa(U145)
Rotunda, UVa.(U129)
Coppertop Rotunda, UVa.(U333)
W.Rotunda columns, UVa.(U222)
Darden, UVa.(U156A)
West Lawn, UVa.(U171)
East Lawn, UVa.(U298)
Rotunda, UVa.(U220)
Rotunda, UVa.(U245)
Rotunda, U of Virginia(U244)
Brooks Hall, UVa.(U313)
Brooks Hall(U113)
Old Medical School(U149)
UVa Medical center (U185A)
UVa. Medical Center(U185)
UVa. Medical Center(U185B)
UVa. Medical Center(U185C)
Presidents Home, UVa.(U308)

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